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CV Writing Tips

Your CV is an employer's first impression of you and it must leave a favorable and lasting impact. A successful CV is one that will appear in the most searches and generate the most interviews. We have also provided you with a list of action adverb that we recommend you refer to and use to ensure the strongest, most concise delivery.

Position Sought

Here is where you define who you are in relation to skills and experience. This is a critical part of your CV as it is the first section a potential employer reads and it should portray you in the most relevant and professional light.

  • Marketing Manager
  • Senior Corporate Tax Accountant
  • Advertising Executive
  • Financial Analyst
  • Pediatric Nurse
  • Sales Representative
  • Concierge

  • Include words that highlight your skills and area of expertise
  • Include keywords of the actual position you are seeking


This should be a brief and focused statement of what you can do and what you are looking for. Employers will look here first before proceeding onto your resume.

  • Seeking new challenges in (occupation) which effectively utilizes (professional experience).
  • Looking to join a progressive organization that has the need for (a type of occupation) and offers opportunities for advancement.
  • To gain first hand (type of experience), using my analytical skills and commitment to perform quality work.
  • To obtain a position in a (type of target company) using my administrative and programming skills.
  • To secure an internship with a (type of organization) specializing in (area of expertise)
  • (Title) with (background) and a passion for (type) pursuing a career with (target company). Skilled at building strong team environments and developing open communications.

  • Describe the job you are seeking. You can include your experience and skill level.
  • Be focused - vague objectives are less likely to attract an employer.
  • Emphasize what you can bring to your prospective employer.
  • The Objective should be one sentence - two sentences if needed, but not longer.

Work Experience

Unless you are a fresh graduate, your Work Experience is the most important part of the CV. Highlight your skills and assigned responsibilities in each previous job.

  • Managed a team of (number) that established (name of project goal or result).
  • Successfully launched and marketed (name of project).
  • Participated in the creation of a (name of product or production) that resulted in (a positive outcome).
  • Extensive involvement managing client relationships at all levels.
  • Wrote feature stories and conducted interviews for (type of press); edited copy of other writers.
  • Trained new interns in (type of department).
  • (Number of years) of (system) integration experience and implementing solutions to help clients succeed.
  • Successfully managed and staffed not only business start-ups,but also periods of rapid, sustained corporate growth.
  • (Number of years) of management experience on industrial projects.
  • Installed different operating systems, software and hardware.
  • Compiled and edited comprehensive quality control reports.

  • For each position describe your responsibilities, duties, the challenges faced and accomplishments achieved. Use specific examples e.g.. Increased car sales turnover by 200%or saved department $100,000 by redesigning performance measurement system.
  • If you had multiple positions with the same company, remember to list dates of positions to show the prospective employer of your rapid progress and quick learning abilities.
  • If you have not had much work experience, try including temporary, holiday or voluntary jobs.
  • Remember to keep it short, positive

Action Verbs


abstracted, achieved, acquired, acted, adapted, addressed, administered, advised, aided, allocated, analyzed, anticipated, approved, arbitrated, arranged, assembled, assessed, assigned, assisted, attained, attended, audited, authored


balanced, budgeted, built


calculated, centralized, chaired, changed, checked, clarified, classified, coached, collaborated, collated, collected, communicated, compared, compiled, composed, computed, conceived, conceptualized, condensed, conducted, consolidated, constructed, consulted, contracted, contributed, controlled, converted, convinced, cooperated, coordinated, correlated, corresponded, counseled, created, critiqued, cultivated, customized


debated, decided, defined, delegated, delivered, demonstrated, designed, detailed, determined, developed, devised, diagnosed, directed, discovered, documented, doubled, drafted, drove


earned, edited, educated, effected, eliminated, enabled, enforced, engineered, established, evaluated, examined, executed, expanded, expedited, experienced, experimented, explained, extrapolated


facilitated, figured, financed, followed through, forecasted, formed, formulated, founded


gathered, generated, guided


handled, headed, helped, hired


identified, illustrated, imagined, implemented, improved, improvised, increased, influenced, informed, initiated, innovated, inspected, inspired, installed, instituted, instructed, insured, integrated, interpreted, interviewed, introduced, invented, investigated, issued






launched, lectured, led, licensed


maintained, managed, marketed, mastered, mediated, mentored, merged, met deadlines, minimized, moderated, monitored, motivated


negotiated, nominated


Observed, obtained, operated, organized, originated, overhauled, oversaw


participated, performed, persuaded, pioneered, planned, prepared, prevented, prioritized, problem solved, processed, produced, programmed, projected, promoted, proved, provided, publicized


recommended, reconciled, recruited, reduced, referred, reorganized, repaired, reported, represented, researched, resolved, retrieved, reviewed, revitalized


scheduled, selected, separated, served, set goals, setup, shaped, simplified, solved, sparked, specified, spoke, staffed, strengthened, submitted, succeeded, summarized, supervised, surveyed, systemized


tabulated, tailored, taught, tested, tracked, trained


upgraded, utilized